Sunday, June 13, 2004

Busy and no time to write

I wish I had more time so I can complete my 2 reviews from the two mayor events I participate, but I havent stop for the last 3 weeks :) I am not complaining because I love what I am doing, but I will like to write it down before I forget it.

Its a shame I havent mail Giovanna Huyke, I promised her I will send her the photos from Caribe Hilton. Meeting her was great, she was such a lovely person and treated us like friends. I have to email her, I have to email her!!!

Today at 1:00 pm I must meet with my fellow students in the Conquistador Hotel in Fajardo because we were invited to participate in the culinary competition called "Taste of the Caribbean", there will be 12 teams from differents countries from the Caribbean. It will be a great experience just watching them, even more if they are asking us to help them.
The Puertorican Culinary Team is composed with 3 of our dear Chef Instructors and one women (hurray girl power) she works with the best Chef Augusto.

Puerto Rico Culinary Team

Chef Cynthia Negron
Chef Enrique Piñero
Chef René Olmeda
Chef Kalych Padró
Bartender of the Year = Daniel Vázquez
Captian of the team = Ariel Rodriguez

Good luck to all!!

Today we will help to set up the salon where the competitions will take place. This are the students that will go to the activity:

Marianne Santos
Victor Vazquez
Ariel Harrigan
Arleen Ocasio
Sara Rosso
Jorgge Colon
Maria E.Morales
Vicmarie Rodriguez
Angel L. Figueroa
Enmarie Torres
Jose Raul Noy
Madeline Guadalupe

I will take lots of photos so I can show you how it was :) but I can garantee that this will be a great experience because we will see how the best team and the chef of the caribbean will be choosen. Yay it will be FUN!


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